Monday, January 16, 2012

We had just finished up a show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston, loaded our gear, and parked our van. We returned to the venue and upstairs to the green room, then a theater employee comes up to tell us that our van had been broken into. Nick, Thomas (MONA's tour manager) and myself ran to where we had just left the van not even 10 minutes prior. There we found several policemen, a shattered side van window, a large brick from the Orpheum itself resting in the floorboard, and no criminal to be held responsible. As you can see in this first photo, the calm tones and indoor voices (appreciate the obvious hilarity of the expression) "went out the window". The situation turned out to be nothing more than a drunken fan with no negative intentions upon MONA personally who had been kicked out of the show during a later bands set for misconduct. He obviously didn't handle it well and our window just happened to pay the price. No one was hurt and nothing was taken. The next hour was compiled of a lot of vacuuming up tons of glass from our seats, and fashioning a fancy cardboard window which we decorated with quotes and signatures from passing supportive fans who were exiting the theater. This gave Nick time to make a new friend, Capt. Tim Murray of the Boston P.D. (left. bottom image) who was a big part of helping this night make a complete 180 vibe wise and calming Nick down (which ain't easy) and also dubbing him with a new nickname "podo" (Pride of Dayton Ohio). All things considered, we had a great time.
Thank you Capt. Murray, staff at the Orpheum, and Boston fans. We'll see you again soon and we promise next park farther away.